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5 Winning Reasons to own TPE sex dolls

The sex doll industry has recorded a remarkable growth in recent years. There are many reasons for the growing popularity of the realistic sex dolls. Let us discuss why there is a growing population of sex doll owners. The millennial are not only enterprising in living their fantasies with TPE sex dolls but are also developing AI technology to make the experience more real like.

Human like skin texture

In the present decade there has been huge developments in elastomer engineering. New polymers have been synthesized and after much research, the much-awaited human like material was finally developed.  Yes, TPE material and silicone have similar texture and can easily emulate human skin. These innovations have rightly contributed in the adult toy industry by developing life like sex dolls, adding an interesting dimension to adult entertainment. They real sex dolls are often identified as artificial women or silicone wives.

Human like personas

Both TPE and silicone material have high melting and boiling point and can be easily moulded and sculpted to look like real person with anatomically correct figure. This is one of the reasons for their growing usage as models in fashion photography. Their flawless skin, perfect figure and gorgeous looks make them more cost effective than real models. The TPE sex dolls can be further customized, thanks to the contribution of AI technologies like facial recognition algorithms, 3D face models can be created from real images. Therefore, each doll is custom made according to the design given by customers. You can choose the size of the breast, skin colour, height, hair style, eye colour, areolar colour and even design of the public hair of your silicone wife.

Warrants safety

TPE and silicone are widely used in the medical industry because of its hypoallergenic qualities. This is one reason the dolls are completely safe for intimate use unlike the fear of contracting venereal diseases when hooking with strangers. Even people suffering from latex allergies do not have any fear when enjoying sexual pleasure with the doll. The internal linings are textured, and a light suction tube is embedded to enhance the experience.

AI features

Certain AI features have enhanced the sexual pleasure manifold. Like the self-heating technology makes the doll nice and warm just like human beings. The touch technology embeds sensors at strategic location in the body of the doll, so when you are cupping her jiggly tits, the doll moans and groans like a real woman enjoying sexual ecstasy. The enhanced AI dolls are not cheap sex dolls and cost around 2-5 thousand dollars. They can talk in small sentences sensing the mood of its owner. You can further program the doll using an app provided by the Doll company.

Flexible for every outings

The sexy sex dolls have super flexible body and can be easily position into any sexual position you can dream of. If you have come across a bewildering sexual act by your pornstar, you can easily experiment your wild dream with your love doll with out any fear of tearing her synthetic skin.

The dolls do not require much maintenance, just a simple washing after every use. If you do not want to avoid this too, be mindful of using condom and never share your doll with others. You will be free of infection as long as the doll  is in good hygienic condition.



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